Saturday, March 13, 2010

Row for the Red Cross-Donations needed!

Hey Blogosphere- I have signed up to participate in the Row for the Red Cross. This is a rowing fundraiser for the Rochester chapter of the American Red Cross. I am going to be doing a 5K (5000m) row on Sunday April 18th @ Crossfit Rochester. It would be great if you all could help out towards the cause with a donation. All funds go directly to the American Red Cross. Check out my donation page at

If you are interested in coming out and rowing with us, just let me know. And, if you are interested in checking out Crossfit Rochester, that would be great as well!

See ya, Randy

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Free iPhone Apps - 1 New Application Every Day | AppLoot

iPhone users! I ran across this nifty website for iPhone aps. They review a new one everyday- check it out!

Free iPhone Apps - 1 New Application Every Day AppLoot
Crossfit! Crossfit has become such a HUGE part of my life. I got fat, was always tired and my clothes were not fitting. One of my fraternity brothers from college, Andy Petranek was in Muscle & Fitness magazine a few years ago. At 41, he has a six pack! I called him and asked him what exactly he was doing and he told me Crossfit. Andy is very successful in the world of Crossfit. Check him out at . Locally, I have working out now at one of our local affiliates, Crossfit Rochester. Joe Celso is the owner and head trainer. He blogs, kinda sparse, but you get the idea. The website is . I have great progress with the WODs( Workout Of the Day). Also check out the main HQ page at . I am going to try and blog about Crossfit, dentistry and stuff in general. Hopefully you won't get too bored. That is, if anyone is reading this.

Back to Blogging?

Hey, I know this blog has been dead for a couple of years. How do people find the time to write these everyday? I think I will give it a try again. Here is a link to my friend Jeff's Blog. He is going to try and row a million meters this year on his Concept 2 rower. Check out his blog at:

More for me to come along.