Thursday, May 31, 2007

OK, one last one for today. Nice photo here, think this patient flosses much? Would you kiss this person, stick your tongue in their mouth? It is such a joy to smell their breath as well. How could you make out with this person!!!!!

OK, so look at this x-ray. It is a periapical film of the upper right quadrant. Notice something funny? This patient's upper right 1st molar is bombed out. AND IT WAS NOT HURTING HIM, even though the decay had gone into the nerve. Patient had it pulled out.

OK, how about some totally gross pictures of teeth? Let me see what we can post you to motivate you to clean your teeth! This is a lower right 1st molar, which had a root canal done, but the patient never had it crowned, and of course, it broke and could not be used.