Monday, October 29, 2007

Dontcha wish your teeth were clean like mine

OK, this patient was told by her previous dentist not to come back until she stopped smoking. Which she never did, so she never went back. And that was 3 years ago. Here is the photo of her lower front teeth, and then the associated x-ray. Notice that the only thing really holding in her lower front teeth is the calculus itself? NOW GO FLOSS!!


cloozka said...

This has nothing in common with flosing. That lady just didn't brush her teeth at all in that area.

Anyway nice blog
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Sandy said...

Smoking is a bad habit.It affects on many ways in our health like oral health. So try to quite smoking as soon as possible.
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Houston said...

Teeth are very valuable thing in human being. If u take wrong thing like smoking , it will be very harmful to u. So take care of your teeth.

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